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Kanuka Honey 250g . The Bees Hives are located in the Bay of Island in the Far North of New Zealand. Sweet Tasting

Kanuka Honey 250g

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New Zealand's Kanuka (Kuneza ericoides) is a similar tree to Manuka (Leptospermum scoparium). Both have a small white flower. The Kanuka tree will flower after the season of the Manuka folower.

Avoca Kanuka Honey is produced in the Northland's Bay of Islands.

Kanuka Honey has a sweet delicate flavour with a buttery light colour.


Kanuka does not contain "Manuka Factor" described by UMF. It does however have different properties that have been subject to extensive research.

Benefits: Kanuka is used in cosmetics and treatments for inflammatory skin conditions.

Preferred by Children because of its sweet taste, this honey is good for cooking and for use in Hot Drinks.